On 27th November 2017 VOX National Events was acquired by Bubble Communications. This was a decision made a while back, but obviously the official news was not revealed until at VOXMAS on Friday 24th November 2017, which was held in London.

So how do I feel? To be honest a mix of feelings! Firstly I am so thrilled that Bubble Communications took on the helm of VOX. I have known Sadie Groom, Managing Director of Bubble for many years, going back to my days at WFTV (Women in Film and Television Organisation), being on the board and events team. There were other people interested, but after listening to my gut feelings I knew Sadie was the one.

VOX went to safe hands to continue its VOX ethos. VOX is the first and will remain the professional conference for the audio sector, specialising in the voiceover industry, including top full time working professionals in media. Producers, Agents, Voiceovers, Voice Actors, Creatives, Writers, Audio Equipment companies and audio service providers have all seen the benefits of being part of VOX.

VOX awards logo for top professional UK voiceover artists and talent

It has been hard to let go, but being very honest, I have found it a struggle to juggle my own business, family life (having two kids in that time) and running VOX. I have had a rollercoaster of a ride with many ups and an occasional down. I am a perfectionist and always want to provide a excellent service for others. VOX 2017 was amazing and I left on a high especially as it was celebrating 20 years.

We went back to the original venue, Moor Hall in Sutton Coldfield for an amazing celebration. Thank you again to everyone who came! I think it was the best VOX ever, and many other people said the same! Then along comes VOXMAS 2017,  and again what a fab party! I was so pleased Sadie from Bubble could attend and we could make the announcement officially in front of the scores of VOXers that were there.

I can now start 2018 concentrating on me, my voice services and hopefully getting back in front of the camera too! So if you need that female British Voiceover Artist or Voice Actor then you know where to come! Posy Brewer.

All I have left to say is that I cannot thank the voiceover VOX community enough for all the kind words and support over the many years. I cannot wait to see what Bubble Communications do for VOX 2018 and beyond! The voice-over industry will be much enriched by having VOX continue at the head of the industry. If you would like to read some of the press articles they can be found below:

And here are just a few lovely messages and quotes from people (who will remain nameless for obvious reasons) 😉

“You are a star, and your commitment to the original VOX ethos of promoting excellence and fun is spot on.”

“Hey you! I had such an amazing day yesterday. Thank you so much. ur a force to be reckoned with!”

“Posy, just wanted to message you and say thanks to you and everyone who organised VOX2017 – it was my first one even though I’ve sent plenty of friends along before, including my other half – I’d never been myself! I had a great time and met some great folk! I hope to be along to the next one! Thanks again”

“I just wanted to say I’ve been to the last two VOX and it has been the catalyst to launching me as a pro VO as well as an opportunity to get pissed.”

“Hey lovely lady. Thank you for organising it all. So much hard work. You must be bloody knackered.”

“Well done for organising, what I have no doubt, will be another fabulous bash. VOX is special & it’s never felt more so than now.”

For more photos and information on VOX please visit the VOX Events website and Facebook Page.

professional voiceover actress posy brewer

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professional british voiceover actors at the VOX awards

UK voiceover artists awards party

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British professional voiceover actresses at the VOX awards party

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