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An End of an Era for one VOXer

On 27th November 2017 VOX National Events was acquired by Bubble Communications. This was a decision made a while back, but obviously the official news was not revealed until at VOXMAS on Friday 24th November 2017, which was held in London. So how do I feel? To be...

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Soul Keeper Gaming Character snippet

Loved playing this character for Soul Keeper VR game for Helm Systems. Evil and very appropriate for this time of year! Can't wait to do more on this VR game as a gaming Voice Actor. Evil and nice, sugar and spice! Take a look here:

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Gaming Crazy

After a lovely summer of voicing for some new games and a great visit at Develop 2017 this year catching up with colleagues and friends, it's time to get back into the studio and become another character! But before heading to do that it was lovely to hear the news...

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New Gaming reel

It's been great working on some of these new video games and apps. After a couple years break, it was great to be back at Develop in Brighton, catching up with clients, friends and colleagues! Brighton is awesome! Here's to a fabulous summer and lets hope it lasts as...

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Imaging & Promos

2017 IMAGING & PROMO Reel voiced by Female British Voice Over Posy Brewer. I'm being a bit like a bus - one doesn't come for ages and then 3 at once! Here's my new Imaging & Promo reel for 2017! Hope you like it! Please feel free to share and let me know your...

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British Female Voice Over Promotional Video

Here's a new promotion video for 2017 of just some of my work. Posy Brewer is an experienced British Female Voiceover Actor & Artist with her own broadcast professional studio with ISDN, SCNow, ipDTL, SessionlinkPro and skype facilities. I hope you like it and please...

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A gold Award and a nice start to 2017

Award winning British female Voice Actor Posy Brewer - The VoiceOver Voice wins a Gold award. So 2017 has started off with some great new audio being recorded in the studio playing many different roles with being a Voiceover Actor & Artist and then a couple of weeks...

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What is a Voice Over Artist?

To begin with, it's easier to simply ask the question "What is a Voice Over?", and then consider the question of who actually provides voice over services. A ‘Voice Over’ can be defined as: “Anytime a voice is heard without seeing a person talking on TV, film,...

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Voice of Reflection 2016

Voice of Reflection 2016 with Posy Brewer Voiceovers  Well where has this year gone to? 2016 has been one of those funny years with several great highs, a few challenges and some sad times with huge loses in the entertainment and Broadcast industries. Rest in Peace to...

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British Academy Games Awards Nominations in 2018

The BAFTA Games Awards nominations are out!

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Spring it On! The all new sparkling ‘spring cleaned’ website is now live. http://www.posybrewer.com Hope you like it! Thanks for visiting and..

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Award Winning Female Voice Over | Posy Brewer | The VoiceOver Voice

With the snow all melted I’m hoping it really means spring is on its way! With that in mind it’s a perfect time to invite you to my all new sparkling..

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EE British Academy Film Awards Winners in 2018

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Genius Equestrian

Great commercial! Nice one Budweiser!

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