Well even though it was less than a week ago, it feels ages ago already! It was so lovely to see old and new faces at VOX and it was great turn out!

A few articles from the weekend! Obviously Facebook has some great pictures too!

VOX EVENTS Facebook page

IMAGESOUND posted by the lovely David Whittaker (great photographer too!)

A great offer from Nancy Wolfson to help your career

There will be a video coming soon with snippets of the event so keep your eyes peeled and if oyu didn’t get to make it this year then you won’t feel left out. It personally was a lot of hard work and time. I still don’t feel I’ve recovered and that’s not just from the few drinks I had!

There are such great people in our industry and it was just so nice to catch up with them – Voices, Producers, Technical and all audio peeps who attended. We so could not have done it without the help of all the Sponsors, Exhibitors and Speakers and can’t thank them enough. I think everyone will go away benefiting from it in someway or another!

It’s a positive thing and what we wanted to achieve.

A special thank you goes to two special people who I just merely couldn’t it without – Gina Mellotte and Mark Manchester! Those guys rock!