“No direction required and especially talented with ‘acted’ scripts – quite possibly the easiest voice over artist to work with.”

Jessica S – Marks and Spencers

Voiceover for Video

Every business needs a video, whether you’re offering legal advice or selling cupcakes!

It is a well-known fact that video, whether on TV or on your website, encourages engagement with your audience. A video is great for your website and social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.

You can create instructional or ‘how to’ videos, internal presentations, sales pitches and much more…


…and finding a voice that people can relate to is very important.

Video is a fantastic way to reach out to customers

A well thought out and produced video, together with a great voiceover, is a highly effective way to reach out to existing and potential customers – here’s why:

  • A good video is more engaging than text alone or a mixture of text and images, because it appeals to more than one sense. Customers are more likely to remember the content – they’ll have heard as well as seen it and you’ll get the skim-readers on board too!
  • You can pack most of the key the information that’s on your website into a one or two minute video. It loads quicker than all the pages, and it’s quicker and easier for people to digest.
  • Customers can see your products in action – so much stronger than a written description.

If you watch the videos below, you’ll see that it’s a medium that works for all sorts of businesses and organisations, even when you think it might not!

You can simply talk to camera, or go a bit further with animation, a doodle style or even just a series of stills – combine them with the right voiceover too and you’ve got the recipe for success.

Have a look at the clips below, and then give me a call, I’d be happy to discuss your voiceover project.

Commercial & Promotion

Corporate (Online & Presentation, Elearning)

Gaming & Animation

Abby Careful


“Posy has been excellent, providing us with more than we asked but just what we needed. Posy’s incredible knowledge and experience set then right tone for an animation that we are proud of and millions of our customers will find useful.”

Adam S – ParentPay Ltd

VOX voice over awards finalist award 2016
TIGA voice over for games awards finalist award 2017
VOX best female voice over awards finalist 2015
AVA voice over finalist award 2015
Surrey Digital Awards voice over winner 2017 logo
VOX voice over finalist award 2017
VOX awards finalist award 2016
TIGA voiceover for games awards finalist award 2017
VOX best female voiceover awards finalist 2015
AVA voiceover finalist award 2015
Surrey Digital Awards Winner 2017 logo
VOX awards finalist award 2017

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