“No direction required and especially talented with ‘acted’ scripts – quite possibly the easiest voice over artist to work with.”

Jessica S – Marks and Spencers

Powerful video needs the right voice

Online explainer videos, corporate videos, animated videos, promotional videos, presentation videos, eLearning videos – whatever the type of video. It will have an objective. It might be to engage, persuade and sell. Its purpose may be to educate and inform. It may need to inspire, evoke emotion or to entertain and amuse.

The ability of the video to do this will be in a versatile, powerful and high-quality voice that brings the script, and character if there is one, to life.

My career has seen me provide a vast range of video voiceovers, adapting, interpreting and performing each unique role with talent and passion.

Looking for the right voice for your video? Give me a call to see how I can help.

Commercial & Promotion

Corporate (Online & Presentation, Elearning)

Gaming & Animation

Abby Careful


“Posy has been excellent, providing us with more than we asked but just what we needed. Posy’s incredible knowledge and experience set then right tone for an animation that we are proud of and millions of our customers will find useful.”

Adam S – ParentPay Ltd

VOX voice over awards finalist award 2016
TIGA voice over for games awards finalist award 2017
VOX best female voice over awards finalist 2015
AVA voice over finalist award 2015
Surrey Digital Awards voice over winner 2017 logo
VOX voice over finalist award 2017
VOX awards finalist award 2016
TIGA voiceover for games awards finalist award 2017
VOX best female voiceover awards finalist 2015
AVA voiceover finalist award 2015
Surrey Digital Awards Winner 2017 logo
VOX awards finalist award 2017

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