“Posy is a delight to deal with; friendly, efficient and of course – an amazing voice!”

Martin I – Producer, 106FM

My acting training has helped me to be a top British voice over artist and actor

Not just reading a script, I offer a warm, natural voiceover read for TV & Radio commercials and explainer videos, really helping customers engage with your product or service.

I can create a character or be natural for your video, telephone on-hold message or marketing campaign. Along with natural, kids voices, animals or quirky characters for gaming, animation, children’s animation and TV shows. My clients include the BBC, Morrisons, Sky, Very, Cadbury, Channel 5, ITV, Fisher Price and M&S to name but a few, you can see a full list of my clients on the Clients page.

In addition to my acting abilities, I’m proud of my reputation as a British voice over artist in the voice over industry. I’m known for being bubbly and friendly, a little bit cheeky, as well as for the quality of work I produce and my high standards of professionalism.

“Posy has a very professional attitude to work but also is a lot of fun to work with. She brought a lot of laughter into the work place while delivering a high standard of work and on time. Working with Posy is one of the best decisions an employer can make.”

Sutish S – Hayes FM & ex BBC

VOX voice over awards finalist award 2016
TIGA voice over for games awards finalist award 2017
VOX best female voice over awards finalist 2015
AVA voice over finalist award 2015
Surrey Digital Awards voice over winner 2017 logo
VOX voice over finalist award 2017
VOX awards finalist award 2016
TIGA voiceover for games awards finalist award 2017
VOX best female voiceover awards finalist 2015
AVA voiceover finalist award 2015
Surrey Digital Awards Winner 2017 logo
VOX awards finalist award 2017

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About my voice

I have a very versatile voice and know how to create the right tone for your brand. You’ll probably have heard my work as a British female voice over artist on the radio, on TV, on your shopping app and even when you’re calling the bank. Also (and I hate to say this) but you’ve probably heard me tell you that… “You have an unknown item in your bagging area”.

Here are some of the voices I’ve used in past work as a voice over artist:

  • Natural, warm and upbeat
  • Smooth and sexy
  • Strong and direct
  • Child’s voice
  • Teenager’s voice
  • Young woman’s voice
  • Yummy mummy’s voice
  • Character voices

If you have a voice in mind and it’s not on the list, please ask me anyway! And if you need a voice that I can’t offer, such as an older person’s or a man’s, I may be able to suggest another voice over artist from my contacts in the industry. But if you need a female British female voice over artist (with personality attached!), I can help you, just get in touch.

“In spite of technical hitches and disasters Posy was amazingly calm and found solutions. No direction required and especially talented with ‘acted’ scripts – quite possibly the easiest voice over artist to work with”

Marks and Spencers – Jessica – Red Apple Creative

Much more than simply reading a script, with my professional acting training I can offer a wide variety of voices ranging from a warm, natural read for TV & Radio commercials, to a character for your video, game, animation, telephone on-hold message or marketing campaign.

I do voice overs for these key areas:

  • TV & Radio Commercial Ads
  • Web Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Cartoons and Animations
  • Radio Station Imaging
  • TV & Radio Promos and TV bumpers
  • Video and Computer Games
  • IVR & on-hold telephone prompt messages
  • ADR
  • E-Learning
  • Narration
  • Kid’s TV shows
  • Toys
  • Awards announcing
  • Medical & Technical training and presentation guides
  • Audio books
  • Corporate projects
  • Mobile games
  • Inflight
  • In-store and self-service checkouts
  • Podcasts
  • Documentary
  • Phone and tablet apps

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