So with just under a month ago now I was nearly going grey and quite frankly working flat out with my own Voiceover Business, VOX organisation, and running around with two very young children. Some called me Super Mum or Super Woman; others (including myself) called me just plain MAD! Committing to too much as always, but would I want it any other way?

VOX 2015 was a huge hit with the voiceover industry and a lot of fun was had! Just look at the photos!

I never do things by halves and always try to aim to give something for everyone and get as much value out of an event as possible. We certainly achieved that this year and we’ve had some fantastic feedback.

VOX: the highlights and the lowdown

This year VOX 2015 Conference was action packed from early in the morning to very late at night (or should I say the following morning?!)

It all started with The Round Tables with a selection of great hosts from the industry professionals. There was loads of useful information and great opportunities being shared – we really hope everyone got a lot out of it. We’re planning to give more time to this element of the event next year so everyone will have time to visit more of the tables


James Cridland then did a fantastic talk on the Future of Radio – we could have listened all day! . A great speaker, a very knowledgeable man and of course a great funny guy too!

There were more inspiring speakers after lunch.IMG_8958

After an unexpected start, the Negotiation talk proved fantastic and invaluable for all listening. We had some great role-plays by two veteran Voice-over Artists, Ian Swann and Phil Sayer. You can see a clip of this too on VOX Events Facebook page.

James Ivey, at the same time as the Negotiation talk, spoke about creating great audio for both the Producers and VO’s in the house. I sadly missed this as was rushing around in the other talk, but heard great things. I wish it had been recorded now!

We had a few speakers from the US, giving an international flair to this year’s VOX. How we do things differently over here and also what we can learn from the US folk was interesting to see and hear.

Nancy Wolfson and Marc Graue came over especially in person for VOX2015 and we can’t thank them enough. Nancy did a general Q&A session and Marc spoke about the gaming industry and character voices. It was great to have them there and definitely gave the attendees some food for thought.

IMG_8966                   IMG_8967

We hooked up with Source Elements, creators of remote access audio software and one of the sponsors for VOX 2015, to give us a lowdown on their platform and the future.

Then it was back across the pond again via a link up with Anne Ganguzza of So Social Media. When it comes to social media in our particular industry, she really knows her stuff.

After that busy day it was all a countdown to the party! And boy was it a party, with the Red Carpet reception, kindly sponsored by VocalZone and the Vodka Luge sponsored by Focus Music the drinks were literally pouring! ! Marc Graue hosted the awards and then the DJ cranked up the tunes and casino tables opened up to gambling the funny VOX money notes away.

eve pan

Drinks and food were enjoyed by all and the dancing helped burn off that amazing chocolate cake we’d had for dessert. . Then the photos began- ooops!

58_E_25-150x150            IMG_4102-150x150          IMG_4161-150x150

So all that is left to say is that I got to bed at 3am and the party still was going strong…Roll on VOX 2016!