“Posy is not only an incredibly gifted talent, that will bring your unique work to life with energy and passion, she is the ultimate professional. She far exceeded our expectations, and it was so easy and fun to work with her.”

Lori T – ??????

Motion Capture and VoiceOver

As well as being a great voice for video games, animation and films, I’ve now added MoCap training to my bow – and am currently in full Motion Capture training with the Mocap Vaults. And as a trained actress, I’ve been able to use those acting skills to marry into Motion Capture (MoCap) work.

Motion Capture is being used more and more in this modern world, and is the process of recording a live motion event and translating it into actionable data that allows for a 3D recreation of the performance later. In other words, transforming a live performance into a digital performance. It’s not just used for entertainment like video games, but also it is used in military, sports, medical applications, and for validation of computer vision and robotics, all of which require specialist Motion Capture and Voiceover services.

I’ve now added this to my skill set, so I can be a one-stop shop to hiring the voice AND the actor for your video game, animation or film, so effectively you can get me behind the microphone and in front of the camera to become that damsel in distress, army civilian, action hero, princess, computer voice, fairy, hostage or whatever the female characters or animals / creatures you need.

I have worked extensively as a voiceover artist in London, across the UK and the rest if the world, doing corporate videos, narrations and web videos, so to find out what my experience can bring to your Motion Capture project, let’s talk.

“Posy is such a pleasure to work with. Always 100% and incredibly responsive. She goes above and beyond. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Esther F – Service & Delivery team at SOH

VOX voice over awards finalist award 2016
TIGA voice over for games awards finalist award 2017
VOX best female voice over awards finalist 2015
AVA voice over finalist award 2015
Surrey Digital Awards voice over winner 2017 logo
VOX voice over finalist award 2017
VOX awards finalist award 2016
TIGA voiceover for games awards finalist award 2017
VOX best female voiceover awards finalist 2015
AVA voiceover finalist award 2015
Surrey Digital Awards Winner 2017 logo
VOX awards finalist award 2017

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