“Every member of the cast & crew loved working with you and I personally look forward to working with you again soon. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Vinson P – Director, ASB

Posy Brewer – Professional Trained Actress

Trained at an accredited drama school, The Oxford School of Drama, with experience in film, television and theatre.

Some say I have always been a “drama queen”, pursuing every dramatic opportunity available at school. But it really is ‘in the blood’ – my mother was the first Cadbury’s Flake Girl, along with being a top commercial model in the sixties, and my father is an executive music and film producer still to this day, who now specialises in documentaries for classic artists such as David Bowie, Guns N’ Roses, BB King, Nat King Cole to name a few…

I therefore never had the dark side of the industry hidden from me, and know the ups and downs. I’m always asked why I wanted to become an actress in an industry that I’ve grown up in and seen how difficult it really can be. My answer is simple:

“The passion inside. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like this big ball, which fills you with an almighty buzz and excitement when performing and truly makes me happy. It’s my passion!”

“Following an incredible audition, I cast Posy as the lead in my short film ‘Non-Fiction’, a role to which she gave life through thoroughly excellent performances and a personable working manner that ensured amiable collaboration.”

Mark T – Filmmaker

I recall one of my early memories, one of the best times was playing Queen Elizabeth II in The Player Queen at school. I’ll never forget the power I felt in that role, and how I really connected to the part of Queen Elizabeth and how she really was. Since then I have always had a keen interest in that period of history and would definitely love to play her again, but I also seemed to end up playing a lot of male roles too (was someone trying to tell me something?).

I was fortunate to be awarded a number of drama prizes and was also asked to represent the school in a performance at the Globe stage at the tender age of fifteen, with London luminaries Mark Rylance and Jane Horrocks.

British female voice actor Posy Brewer
British female voice actor Posy Brewer
British female voice actor Posy Brewer
British female voice actor Posy Brewer
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“Posy is an excellent actress and voice over artist. She produces quality work and is a true professional, working quickly and to schedule, and is very reliable.”

Karin H – Actors Agent/ Personal Manager at Mouthpiece Management

After being awarded a scholarship through the Surrey Arts Council (only eleven were given for the year across all the arts!), I went straight to the Oxford School of Drama where I trained for three years. It was a rollercoaster ride but definitely worth it – I learnt so much.

But it’s actually been more of a rollercoaster ride since I finished drama school. Nothing prepares you for the reality of the industry. It’s hard, but if you work hard and persevere then you will get there in the end.

I then went straight into doing voice work in the animation project Ultra Guardians and for BBC Radio, performing with some great all round actors and performing in several theatre plays. I continue to work in all fields, along with a lot of voiceover work with the BBC, many TV commercials, and also with Morrisons (yes that’s my voice, when you put that loaf of bread in your bag at the self service checkout!).

BAFTA Member

Member of EQUITY

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“Posy is a very enthusiastic and likeable person possessing great abilities in her field. She is a talented and creative individual who has the capacity to make any content bright and engaging.”

Guy F – Writer/Producer

I have also been a long standing member of WFTV and was on their Board of Directors and part of the Events Committee, producing several big events for WFTV’s members. I also founded VOX National Events (voxevents.co.uk) which produces VOX (the annual Audio & Voiceovers Conference) and VOXMAS.

I recently took some time off from stage and screen to have a family, but I continue to do my voiceovers as I have my own professional studio with ISDN and am very eager to get back on stage and on the film or TV set. So as you can tell, I really do have it in the blood and plan to stay in this industry as long as I live!

In 2016 I was elected into BAFTA and became a proud member, which was a lovely accolade to be invited into a great organisation of the film, TV and games industries.

“Posy Brewer was an excellent actress to work with. Her contributions to the film were outstanding and her methodology admirable. It was a pleasure to be able to capture her talent on film.”

Miguel M – Film Maker

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