Looking back at 2013 has been an interesting experience on all that has happened. It’s been a great year in so many ways with working with top people in the industry on small and large projects. I have done hundreds, even thousands of Voiceovers for promos, TV commercials, Radio commercials, web videos, animation and games. Some great brands I voiced for and continue to include Cadbury, DFS, Disney, Channel 5, Wisdom, Mornflake, Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Very, Littlewoods, Ocado, Sky and many more.

In April a team of us brought you VOX, the all new and sparkly voice & audio conference. It was a huge success and I have to thank several people who made it so successful- you know who you are. I’ve made your heads big enough since :-0

It was a very difficult time juggling so much with my work commitments, running after a toddler (seriously he is Speedy Gonzalez), organising and creating the all new VOX and sorting out VOXMAS and then trying to have a life too! This year I have also had a complete makeover with new reels, new promo video, having new professional photos taken for the acting and the voice side of things, rebranding and revamping my site.

Then there is always some sad news which was that Global Radio’s ‘We Love Local’ sadly ended in the summer after a 2.5 year run. It was sad to say goodbye to the team who worked on this, but luckily still working with some of them on other things and radio commercials.

Voiceover artist Posy Brewer

After a long business relationship, my web designer had to cut back on work due to health problems. After working together for over 8 years I’ve not only had a great designer, but gained a wonderful friendship and I truly wish her all the best for a speedy recovery. So finding a new web designer has been a challenge, as can be very picky on this! 🙂

VOXMAS sadly had to be cancelled this year due to my work commitments and couldn’t give it the time it needed.

Thankfully next year there will be a new person in charge to put together VOX and VOXMAS, so watch this space! I can’t wait! As they say bigger and better. If you are a Producer, Voiceover Artist, Voice Actor, Engineer, Presenter or work in any aspect of the audio market this event will be for you. If you are serious about your career then it’s a must…and if I’m involved in anyway then the fun that will be had too will be worth waiting for! News on all will be revealed in February 2014 methinks!

Voiceover artist Posy Brewer

Not only continuing doing ads and voiceover recordings, but then later in the year I was fortunate to talk with the creator Kevin Leach of IP DTL, which launched in October following the award they won at the Radio Academy Awards, which catapulted the news on this new technology which is an alternative to ISDN and works through the internet using Chrome. It’s great to have this alternative, but the leading professional voice artists will always have ISDN while it is still around. Look forward to watching how it develops over the next year or so though.

So reflecting on some challenging times as the industry changes and suffers through this economic climate.

Pausing and thinking on some aspects like ‘Knowing your worth’ and taking time out of the Social Media craze has been good. There is nothing like spending quality time with family and friends and knowing who your true friends are.

Great to add some new microphones to the collection and being introduced to Sontronics and their range of great microphones.

I think one of the highlights this year has been doing an ad with my little one and makes me smile everytime I hear it. Hear the ad

Voice Over artist Posy Brewer

December was busy and it was great to see some old faces at the WFTV Awards this year. Some great winners too!

The year ended with some lovely new jobs voicing for Cadbury and Disney’s Frozen

All that’s left to say is a huge THANK YOU to all my clients who have made we work hard, laugh and sweat in the studio. I’m glad to put 2013 to bed and can’t wait for what 2014 is going to bring! There are some great things on the cards, exciting new jobs in the pipeline and I look forward to getting back on screen and of course voicing for projects all over the world! Get in touch if you are needing my voice and personality to jazz up those projects, with of course the professional, trusted and quality touch! Let my voice be heard! 🙂

Happy happy New Year and a huge successful 2014!


 Please feel free to share this and have fun!