Buzz, buzz, buzz, but clear Down The Line?

So there is a lot of talk about ipDTL and whether it is an alternative to ISDN or as good as. I was fortunate to have a session with the creator, Kevin Leach and took the opportunity to do an interview and ask him some direct questions specifically from the angle of a Voiceover Artist. Kevin was very open and I applaud him for all his hard work in creating this for the industry.

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Read the article about ipDTL here or copy and paste this link:

I have to say for journalists or for radio interviews this is a great opportunity and overall think this is going to open a number of possibilities. For Voiceover Artists I think it maybe it’s a few years yet before it would be used as a preferred method to do a session, especially here in the UK and for the big radio stations. For America though it may well be a great answer for many VO’s who aren’t able to get ISDN in their town. Much better that doing sessions via Skype too.

It is of course much cheaper too. Click here to see the ipDTL pricing structure.

If I am honest I would embrace this more than Sound Streak because of the costing elements, and if you aren’t prepared to outlay the cost of Source Connect then this is also a cheaper option.

So for me personally I think it will be great to have both options available, especially for those smaller stations in radio who don’t have the facility or need for ISDN, but would like to connect with the Voice Artist and save on the Voice-Over Artist doing an mp3. When doing some trials with Kevin, it did drop out a couple of times, but sometimes ISDN can do that too, which I who has ISDN and Source Connect have experienced. It seemed fairly clear though which is good news and a safer bet would be to have your internet wired in as opposed to using a wireless network for extra stability.

I’m sure there are hundreds more questions that people want to ask and I would highly recommend doing this via their Facebook page or through the website. They also have an FAQ page.

Is ISDN dead? I don’t think so just yet…but watch this space and look forward to seeing how the market has taken it in a years time.

Can never remember the name, so want them to change that! What’s your suggestion? IP Connect (sadly already taken!),

Enjoy listening…

A low down on what you require to use ipDTL

Things you’ll need:
Windows Laptop, Tablet, or Macbook.
USB Microphone or ‎interface.
An internet connection.

At the studio:
PC or Mac running Google Chrome.
Audio interface connected to a mixer input.
Talkback to audio interface.

Why we love ipDTL:
No costly hardware or software required.
Simple to setup with step-by-step wizard.
It just works!

Geek Data:
Wideband OPUS audio codec – up to 128 kbit/s.
Peer to Peer data connection on https port 443.
Automatic NAT traversal with ICE / STUN / TURN.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]