As someone who is currently about to undergo an extension I was becoming a little worried on how I would cope day to day doing my ISDN voice over sessions with the noise of diggers, banging, buildings being demolished…Oh and don’t even get me started with the workmen themselves! I thought I was loud! 🙂


Having ISDN can mean that you might be restricted if you away from studio or in my case having building work done, as you can’t obviously move the line that easily.

Arrrhh, “So what am I am a going to do?”, I thought to myself.

Luckily a solution has been found in the nick of time…Source Connect Now

As I have Source Connect anyhow I am also able to bridge my ISDN line and therefore if it means having to relocate somewhere, I’m not going to have problems with not being able to do my daily ISDN sessions! Phew!!!

I had a quick support call and it was very simple to set up and I have to say this has been far easier than others.

Source Connect Now is brilliant and again like some of the other alternatives to ISDN, stream through your Chrome web browser.

source elements

I didn’t have to use another software add-on, for example Soundflower (a system extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications), as I am on a iMac, and nor did I have to change my settings on my computer or in my Pro Tools setup, which I have had to do on say ipDTL.

ipDTL  has been great too and I am not knocking it at all, but for me, being a Pro Tools user who already has Source Connect means this is the way forward for me as a Professional Voice Over Artist needing an alternative as and when.

source connect now pic 1

Source Elements are the creators of Source Connect Now and have 10 years of experience of  providing professional Internet audio services and support to studios, voice talent, broadcasters and musicians. This new platform it will be most probably a key player in the alternatives to ISDN.

So where are they at and what are the features?

Well ‘Source Connect Now‘ is currently in its Beta stage. There are some great new features coming I have been told and we will just have to watch this space….

The Beta Features:

  • Technical support via Chat/Phone/Email/Source-Connect
  • Easy-to-make Connections
    Self-configuring, easy-to-make connections
    No port-forwarding required, works on most networks automatically.
  • Integration with Pro Tools HD/Native
    With the Source-Nexus AAX plug-in from Source Elements, record directly to your timeline without requiring additional hardware or cables.
  • Conference up to 10 connections (Only limited by your bandwidth).
  • ISDN-like workflow
    Low-latency bi-directional audio.
  • Opus codec – (Set at 128kbps for professional high-quality audio).
  • For music and voice
    Send high-quality mono, dual mono or stereo.
    Mono: Voiceover, radio, podcasts, interviews and more
    Dual mono: Two discrete microphones or timecode
    Stereo: High-quality music monitoring and review.

If you want to find out more then watch the video on the website or YouTube

As a British female voice over artist connecting to clients all over the world thankfully I NOW don’t have to worry. Depending on the client I will of course have the options open to me and will always have my ISDN until it truly becomes dead!

The only dilemma I have now is being able to transport my studio as easily. Spare room anyone? 🙂

Source-Connect Now: high-quality, bi-directional streaming in your Chrome web browser.

I wholeheartedly welcome Source Connect now and look forward to the future!