Wow! Yes, what a year! It’s been mental and quite frankly really tough, especially for…well everyone!               

If anyone says they have had a peaceful year, I would love to know how they have managed that during these turbulent times that’s for sure! Or give me some of it pretty please…

So obviously I can’t speak for others and I can only speak about myself, but hand on heart and sleeve, it’s been a rocky year. There have been some amazing highs, but also lows.

The creative industry has had to find its feet again and adapt to this new norm. As a VoiceOver Artist & Actor, I’ve been very fortunate as, since the Covid 19 pandemic hit I was one of the lucky ones who had my own professional studio. I was also able to help people who didn’t have a studio too(when we were allowed to hire out again of course!). It meant that big studios could know they could connect with a professional who had a good set-up and with ease. But this has been the truth for several years. I won’t say how many, as that’s showing my age, but it’s a hefty few years…I’m still 23 okay 😉

So what’s been happening in my VO world and beyond in 2021…I’ve worked with some great clients, old, new and brands like:

Volvo, Calor Gas, Emma Mattresses, Lenovo, ITV, Wargaming, GSK, Penguin, Toyota, Sensai, Blenheim Palace, CIPHR, CDW, Bauer, Global, My Pillow, Sonect, Britvic, NEXT and of course doing updates for Morrisons on their self-service checkouts.

A big shout out to Next & Morrisons in particular for their use of my voice in their stores and telephone systems. I have been their loyal voice for many years and hope to continue for many, many more years to come. Thank you. When things got tough you helped me manage to get by.

It’s been fun bringing the kids into the studio and doing ads with them. Last week I was lucky enough to do a radio ad with all three of us in it, so it was lovely to be in the studio altogether…Here’s the ad if you fancy having a listen.


I have taken a back seat on the social media front a little as I was finding that it was affecting my mental health and just too much noise. That is me being brutally honest. I do find it a bit much but know it’s necessary. Sometimes you need to take some time out for yourself and work out what you really want or what you need. Also juggling plates with young kids moving schools during the pandemic and looking after them and my family as well as trying to work full time has certainly had its toll on my body. In fact, my health hasn’t been great this year with a few issues, but I’m certainly on the mend now and taking life a little bit slower than I normally do. Yes, for years I have been that Duracell bunny!
In some ways not going into town as much or generally out and about has made things calm, especially as I have a broadcast studio that enables me to connect with clients around the world remotely. BUT, there’s nothing like the energy you get meeting face to face. In fact, I was at an opening of the refurbed BAFTA in Piccadilly, as members were allowed to have a tour around…and boy it’s lovely! Beautiful and great craftsmanship. The new cinema was so exciting, and it really gave me my buzz back. It was great to catch up with some great buddies who are both friends and work colleagues. Proud to be standing next to my friend and long time WFTV fellow member, Emma Thomas who was shining brightly next to Sophia Loren on the walls in BAFTA for winning an award. If you ever need a script supervisor…she’s the one to grab!

My focus has been to really get my long term project up and running, which is to build an app and video game called ROBIN to help young people deal with their emotions and mental well-being. A project close to my heart. It’s finally in the prototype stage and can’t wait to start testing with some eager kids and schools. Funding has been hard too and continues to be. It certainly isn’t an easy game to get into (excuse the pun!).

Next year is exciting as we plan to move house…and yes you guessed it…a brand new studio will need to be built. Oh, I’ve got to do it all over again, but at least the purple acoustic soundproofing is coming with me ;-).

So, to finish off what has been a turbulent year I wanted to end with the things I am grateful for.

My family – my rocks!
My friends – also my rocks!
My voiceover career – To all my clients who have used me and continue to come back time and time again. Means I’m doing something right and giving a good service. That’s my aim!

As my favourite saying goes…


Here’s to a positive, productive and inspiring 2022! I wish everyone peace and happiness as we all approach the end of the year. Next year will be better…I promise! Just do one thing – look after yourself and take time out for things you enjoy – your body and mind need it!