Well if like me you have been home-schooling your kids over the past year and trying to work then you will know how hard it has been. Zoom call bombs of ‘Mum, I’m hungry”, “Mum, can you help me” and just the general “Mum, Mum, Dad, Dad….Oh I’m bored” has certainly taken its toll on this last lockdown…BUT…….They are now back and being able to get down and work without any distractions has been a godsend.


For us, as a family, it has been a challenging time watching our kids suffer and as a consequence, we have moved schools for them both. No added pressure or anything to add to the mix then?! But for us and our children, it was the right move. This pandemic has highlighted many things and several changes have had to be made, for their learning and emotional wellbeing.

One thing though that hasn’t changed is the lovely studio here in Guildford…well possibly moving a few things around and tidying it, but still standing strong offering voiceover services and studio hire in the Surrey area and beyond, of course, providing many voices from natural reads to characters across all industries. It has made me look back and realise how lucky I have been, but also how I had the set up already for my clients to still produce numerous commercials, corporate videos, animation, video games and anything voiceover and recording needs. Having the facilities to directly link up to anyone in the world via all the different means like Source Connect Pro, ISDN, Cleanfeed, Zoom and Skype etc all linked into the studio has given security, trust and reassurance to customers that the project will still get down quickly and professionally and not having to compensate on lower quality recordings or of service.

It’s also made me proud of what I have built and achieved over these past 20 odd years! (Still feel 23 though😉). It’s not been easy to survive and stay doing what I love and am good at, without the perseverance and hard work that I’ve put in. I’m not very good at blowing my own trumpet directly and honestly like this, but with all that has gone on around us all, I’m going to pat myself on the back for what I have built and for never giving up! Things have changed, times have changed and we all have to be ready to adapt to these, otherwise, you will get left behind.

I have been rather quiet on the blogs and social media for a while, but as mentioned above, I have been rather busy having two young people needing my help and attention. I’m so glad and relieved to have them back in the classroom with their friends (or new friends) and getting back a love for learning…as sadly I wasn’t the best home teacher that’s for sure. I didn’t even understand half of what was being asked, as different to how we did it in my day. Gosh, that makes me sound like I’m really old. I’m still 23 though okay😉!


I got to go on a run straight after dropping the kids off and gosh it felt good!

My branded bandana/sweatband/ear protector came in very handy!!! Keeping this as part of my ‘must things to do’ has been vital- pilates, running and walking- it has kept me sane and strong. Whatever it is for you, keep doing the thing that makes you feel good inside and healthy. Awareness of your mental and emotional needs is vital and needs attention.




Being resilient is and has been key to this pandemic and I am just in awe of how many of our kids have been so resilient during these times. It certainly makes you stop and think.

In order to succeed and do what makes us happy, we need to stay resilient in all aspects of our life. There were times when I felt like giving up and juggling so many plates, wondering what was going to be around the corner, are the jobs still going to come in and more, but watching how kids have bounced back has made me feel stronger and stopped me dwelling on bad thoughts. We can do this, and things will get better.

So, a different type of post from me, a more personal one, but a positive reminder that even through dark times there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your foot on that pedal and you’ll get there. Resilience is key and just like the daffodils bounce back each year giving us beautiful signs that spring has sprung, and summer is on its way, we can grow strong!

So party round mine on 21st June😊?!

Oh and for all those working mums out there…and all mums… Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday and I hope, like me, you are going to put your feet up that day and get the kids running around you for a change! “Glass of wine please dear and not just the one…give me the bottle😉!”

    Posy xxx