Web Video Commercials are perfect for reaching the right customers. Your business has probably got a marketing plan in place… but does it include web commercials? Online commercial video ads reach a targeted audience and bring new and existing customers directly to your website product or service, as well as having a great conversion rate. TV commercials and sponsor promotions certainly have their place and are essential to your marketing strategy too. But if you don’t have the budget for a TV campaign, a web commercial might be a second option and reach a good audience for your ROI (return on investment).

Whether you’re a keen statistician or just want an idea of how many new customers you could pick up, here are some figures for web video adverts:

  • 80% of web users have watched a commercial online
  • 52% took action
  • 15% visited the store
  • 12% made a purchase

(Source: Yellow Pages)

Eye watching tv

That’s pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say? But why is this? Confucius, in spite of living 1,500 years before the internet, put it very well: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” It’s the level of involvement offered by web commercials that makes them so powerful. Customers end up really understanding what you’re offering them and it’s that understanding that makes them buy your product and not your competitor’s.

Like TV commercials, web commercials engage customers through words, sound and pictures but the two mediums appeal to the public on different levels. A TV commercial is showing viewers the brand, cementing the idea of it in their minds. A web commercial  – like you see on YouTube, for example, is more specific, showcasing a product, telling viewers what’s on offer and how it works.

One of the reasons for this difference is targeting: many web commercials are only shown to people who have already demonstrated that they might be interested in your product. Watch a YouTube video of a parachute jump or fire-lighting and you might see a short bike advert before at the start to appeal to your outdoorsy nature, for example.

Some web video commercials are offered up at random with no association to the video they’re preceding. The advantage there is the chance to reach a completely different type of person and expand your customer base.

So, you get the idea. The potential customer watches the advert and is interested…but they still need to buy your product. No problem! Web video commercials are essentially links that take customers straight to your website. Web adverts are stronger than TV ads in this respect:  TV ads rely on viewers remembering the product and getting round to buying it; YouTube adverts allow people to buy that lawnmower/holiday/coffee machine right away.

Web video commercials don’t need to be more than 10 seconds long; combine some imaginative images with the right voice and you’ve got a powerful tool to tell the right people about your products, services or brand.

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