Voice of Reflection 2016 with Posy Brewer Voiceovers 

Well where has this year gone to?

2016 has been one of those funny years with several great highs, a few challenges and some sad times with huge loses in the entertainment and Broadcast industries. Rest in Peace to some special friends and colleagues and thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered this year.


There have been some real highlights and one special one was becoming a BAFTA member, which really made me proud along with being a great accolade of achievement to be accepted into this organisation.

Being a finalist again in this year’s VOX Awards 2016 along with receiving awards in other independent Ceremonies for “Best Female Voiceover Artist 2016 – UK” and “2016 Excellence Award: Most Outstanding Female Voice Actor” have been nice surprises.

VOX 2016 was a huge success held in Manchester this year on June 25th with really interesting talks, great speakers and of course a fabulous VOX Awards all revamped. I can’t wait for VOX 2017 which celebrates its 20th anniversary. It was meant to be in London but with it being such a special birthday it seemed fit to return to the original venue. It will be lovely to see so many old faces who’ve attended over the years and of course new ones. I have already saved the date in my diary – 3rd June 2017! Have you?

Vox is 20 logo_Final_RGB

So after VOX and summer closing in, I felt I needed to rekindle the fire and work with my old voice coach from Drama School, Jacqui Crago, who is just an amazing and wonderful teacher. Going back to my roots and some core basics was fun and challenging. It was great to refocus myself and of course refocus my voice. You can never stop learning and keep training I say!

This year as a Voice Actor I have voiced some great pieces for TV & radio commercials, online commercials and web videos, animation, games, E-learning projects, apps, presentations and more. I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people within both large corporations, small businesses and start-ups throughout the year.

Some highlight VO gigs were:

Centrum, Morrisons, Wondrous Wand, SureAl’s Enderal, Start rite, Knorr, Lego, Wisdom, Parent Pay, Strepsils, Wisdom, Next, Littlewoods and Very.

I especially love this animation video for a new product coming out in 2017 – The Wondrous Wand. I get to play a fairy which I love and a great character with dry comedy!



I started the year with a new look and refreshing my headshots and images. Yes I chopped off those locks mainly because my daughter kept pulling my hair thinking it was a game and I was looking like I had been pulled through a hedge backwards at the school gates! You can read the post and see the images here. The only thing left to do is sort the weight out now. With my daughter turning 2 recently there is now no excuse! Back to weight watchers I will go! I have it in writing so no turning back, Posy!

One of the big highlights was visiting China for the Shanghai Film Festival and meeting clients. What an amazing time I had even though it was a whistle-stop ride to Beijing and Shanghai. I also got to tick something off my bucket list and climb the Great Wall of China. Wow, beyond words the emotion and feeling I had when I stood there. Amazing, amazing, AMAZING!

This year has also been all about moving home and building a new office and studio. It was very sad leaving the purple palace in August, but my new office building and studio is fab. Portofino Studios is now my new home for recording all those voice-overs!

The last few months have been all about awards and parties. The BAFTA children’s awards was really fun and there were several great winners and nominees. The only downfall for me was getting stuck in the loo when the whole room did the #mannequinchallenge

Check it out on there page here: http://www.bafta.org/children

VOXMAS 2016 was a great night with a fab bunch of audio industry peeps getting together and letting their hair down in London town. Some highlights and pictures of the night can be found here.

I ended the year with my annual awards ceremonies and the best was saved to last with The WFTV Awards 2016,  where I got to catch up with old friends and industry pals, along with meeting new ones! It was my favourite WFTV Awards so far (and I’ve been to alot!)!

My website too has had a refresh and hopefully in early January I will get more clips up there including my new commercial reel which was recently done with Honey @ Factory Studios. It was a real joy to work with them and create my new commercial reel for 2017. This reel is really me and my voice. My USP. A great kick off to start 2017 with the natural British voice of Posy Brewer. No frills just natural, upbeat, cheeky, young, and sincere…

You can listen here to the new clips and 2017 Voiceover Reel


Finally all that is left to say is th-2

 to everyone I have worked with this year and have a fantastic festive season celebrating Christmas and New Year with loved ones.

Oh and this:



Now I’m off to have that glass of mulled wine (and maybe a mince pie or two).

See you on the other side! 2017…here we come!