So it’s coming to the end of January already, and feeling like a spring clean is in order. First off is an updated Commercial reel of some great Radio commercials, TV commercials and TV promos that I have done.

Some of the clients and brands you will hear: Sky, Cadbury, Bon Prix, Mornflake, Piers Morgans Life Stories, Lindt chocolate, Calpol, Smooth Radio, Olay, Superdrug…

A variety of different reads from smooth, seductive to upbeat and natural to young and excited. I hope you like the variety. I provide a range of different voices to suit your project.

Most of these ads were recorded in my new recording studio which was done last year and has taken the name ‘The Purple Palace’. Some producers, or should I say one in particular calls it, ‘The Purple One’ – Just like the great quality chocolate you get from Quality Street! A great versatile voiceover with a smooth, enticing and indulgent voice with a bit of huskiness on top- like a cappuccino in fact (hence the catch-name “The Cappuccino Voice”!)

Anyway side tracking, so back to the important voiceover stuff. Please do have a listen to Commercial Reel 2015 and hope you like what you hear!

Happy New Commercial Reel 2015!