Award winning British female Voice Actor Posy Brewer – The VoiceOver Voice wins a Gold award.

So 2017 has started off with some great new audio being recorded in the studio playing many different roles with being a Voiceover Actor & Artist and then a couple of weeks ago I was at The Surrey Digital Awards 2017 (SDA17), as I had been nominated and a finalist for two of the award categories and the public vote. I had a couple of childcare issues, but thankfully the hubby got back in time to save the day. So my lovely sister was my other half for the evening and we were lucky enough to be sitting with a lovely bunch of people who all run businesses in the Surrey county area to enjoy the evening’s awards.

Anyway I’m there enjoying my glass of bubbles and then all of a sudden heard my name announced as the winner of the Gold Award for Website – Marketing & Creative. My first reaction was bloomin nora and then the second thought was…”Oh dear…no speech prepared…quick Posy think!” The presenter didn’t stop asking questions and then asked for character voices on the spot. A cringing moment to say the least. It was funny though and I even hit myself on the head with the award, but apparently no one noticed…thank goodness!

I was then worried about tripping up, because my shoes weren’t the best choice, as they kept slipping off. I won’t even mention how I got around that one apart from the Andrex puppy saved me…say no more!

In all seriousness though it was lovely to be awarded this and recognised for my work. I have to thank my web designer too as it was a real team effort to create my brand and how I market myself. I’ve been working with Martin for a few years now and really enjoy working with him. He really understands me and what I am trying to achieve. He manages to put all that stuff in my head into a great website and make it unique to me. There’s only one Posy Brewer after all!

A nice proud moment…

Thank you to all the judges and here’s to the next round!

With the new reels too it’s time to let the reels blossom in spring and get busy in that recording studio of mine.

Here is my new commercial reel for 2017 and and also my corporate reel too. I hope you like them! Whether you need a voice for a TV or Radio Commercial, a web video, animation corporate project, telephone message, a video game voice, a little girl’s voice or any mad and wacky character voices then please do think of me and get in touch. All my details are on the top of the page!





Right off to my next job of voicing for BEKO and playing a Dishwasher! Let’s go shine and of course not forget the rinse aid!