AVA Digital Awards: winners announced!

The AVA Digital Awards are held annually to honour excellence in digital communication. AVA recognises outstanding work by creative professionals involved in concept, design, direction and production. As the way we use the internet, media and technology develops in more and more exciting ways, the digital communication sector continues to grow and it’s important to celebrate the industry’s achievements.

Posy Brewer AVA Award 2015

The AVA Digital Awards have over two hundred categories covering areas such as digital marketing, web-based production, video production and audio production. Drawing on a huge portfolio of recordings voiced for my clients over the last year (thanks, guys!), my audio files and commercial reels were entered for the Voice Over Talent and Creativity (Web Video) category. I’m thrilled to announce I was given a Platinum Award! This means that the judges scored my work at 90% or above – something only two other companies in the UK achieved.

It feels wonderful to have my hard work recognised by the rest of the communication sector. I hope it also gives my clients an idea of the quality of the voice overs they’ll be getting when they work with me.

I’m not resting on my laurels either. Achieving a Platinum Award has set the standard for the coming year – if anything, it’s challenging me to keep on aiming high.

Thanks for all your support!