A Halloween treat for you, your kids and anyone who wants to celebrate Halloween.

I did this for my kids and used my expertise of voicing one of my many witches to create a different type of ‘trick or treat’ game for them to do as we won’t be knocking on people’s doors to do the usual ‘trick or treating’ around the neighbourhood. My son was getting very upset he couldn’t celebrate it, and as a mum, I had to do something!

I am doing this for free to help those who need some creative help during this time. Thank you for the help from Rick Loynes for putting this together with me so quickly!

If you would like to give something then please do support one of these charities, even if it’s only a small amount, as every penny counts:

       Mind                     The Trussell Trust Food Banks                Shooting Stars Children’s Hospices               Shelter

I designed it so it is all kept inside, as not everyone has a garden or outside space, but you can always elaborate on this by creating more clues and doing your own special witch’s voice if you want to do more 😉 !

Can you help Crackling Zefeelia with her Halloween Party?


Audio on own:

All you need to do is pause the audio in between each section for the participants to go and find the treat.

List of thing you will need for each clue:

  1. Bucket or treat bag
  2. Bubble bath
  3. Cobwebs (real or fake)
  4. Spider
  5. Green slime or similar (not essential though)
  6. Cup
  7. Cheese in the fridge
  8. Pumpkin
  9. Big wooden spoon (not essential though)
  10. Cauldron or big bowl.

Oh and of course sweets and chocolates (or even little other treats for the adults if you wish) placed at each clue.

Clue answers:

1st clue: Bathroom

2nd clue: Front door

3rd clue: Sink (plug hole)

4th clue: Cup from kitchen cupboard

5th clue: House plant or similar for soil/mud

6th clue: Kids bed/adults bed (put under the covers or pillow)

7th clue: Wardrobe

8th clue: Bathroom sink

9th clue: Fridge

10th clue: Pumpkin

Please share this with as many of your friends, family and colleagues to add a little fun and smiling faces this Halloween! Thank you!



Voiceover: Posy Brewer         Production: Rick Loynes      

Music from www.bensound.com         Images courtesy of Pngwave