Female Voice Over Artist Posy Brewer

Posy Brewer, professional British female voice over artist and actress with own ISDN, Source Connect, SCNow, SessionLinkPRO and ipDTL equipped studio.

Are you looking for a female voice over artist for your TV, internet or radio commercial campaign, animation, web video, promo, imaging, gaming, character voice, voice-of-god or documentary?

You’re in the right place! Click on the video on the rightbelow or scroll down to find more voice & video samples…

Female Voice Over Artist Promotional Reel
Hello, I’m Posy Brewer, and I’ve been providing voice over services for household name clients since 1999. I trained at the Oxford School of Drama, RADA and in Los Angeles, and I’d love to speak to you about your next voice over project.
As a trained actress, I have a very versatile voice and know how to create the right tone for your brand. You’ll probably have heard my work as a British female voice over artist on TV and radio, on your shopping app and even when you’re calling the bank.
Working from my own professional studio with ISDN, Source Connect, SCNow, SessionLinkPRO and ipDTL, I can record, edit and produce myself, saving you money on studio hire as well as offering fast turnaround times. I also regularly record in many recording studios across London, when required. Read more…

Here are just a few of my voice over clients…

Female Voice Over Artist client logos
Female Voice Over Artist client logos
Female Voice Over Artist client logos
Female Voice Over Artist client logos
Female Voice Over Artist client logos
Female Voice Over Artist client logos

and a few of the things they’ve said about my work…

“Working with Posy was an absolute pleasure… a consummate professional: responsive, reliable, patient, and enthusiastic. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Ben Hoyt – Paramount Pictures

“Fantastic person to work with, a true perfectionist. The voice over was spot on for what we wanted! Will work with Posy again.”

Katherine Bidwell – State of Play Games

“An excellent and versatile voiceover artist who always delivers a polished performance.”

Dan Akers – Creative Writer / Producer / Engineer at Global Radio London

See more clients here…

Listen to a few of my voice samples

SKY Download here
South Eastern Trains Download here
DFS Download here
Mornflake – Sponsor’s of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories Download here
Commercial Reel 2015/16 Download
Corporate Narration Reel 2016 Download
Montage Reel Download

Listen to more voice samples here…

Watch a few of my video samples

Ben & Holly's Magic Kingdom voiceover by female voice over artist Posy Brewer
Ben & Holly’s Magic Kingdom
Beko's video voiceover by female voice over artist Posy Brewer
Unitaid video voiceover by female voice over artist Posy Brewer
Stellar Dawn computer game voiceover by female voice over artist Posy Brewer
Stellar Dawn – Computer Game
Bonprix Voice Over by female voice over artist Posy Brewer

Watch more video samples here…


British Female Voice Over VOX awards finalist 2016 logo
Best Female Voiceover 2015 finalist logo
AVA digital award platinum winner logo
VOX award 2012

Posy Brewer, professional British female voice over artist and actress

Posy Brewer and microphone

Posy Brewer actress and clapperboard

Posy Brewer Female Voice Over Artist

Much more than simply reading a script, with my professional acting training I can offer a wide variety of voices ranging from a warm, natural read for TV & Radio commercials, to a character for your video, game, animation, telephone on-hold message or marketing campaign.

And in addition to my acting abilities, I’m proud of my reputation within the voice over industry, where I’m known for being bubbly and friendly, as well as for the quality of my work and high standards of professionalism.

I do voice overs for these key areas:

  • TV & Radio Commercial Ads
  • Web Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Cartoons and Animations
  • Radio Station Imaging
  • TV & Radio Promos and TV bumpers
  • Video and Computer Games
  • IVR & on-hold telephone prompt messages
  • ADR
  • E-Learning
  • Narration
  • Kid’s TV shows
  • Toys
  • Awards announcing
  • Medical & Technical training and presentation guides
  • Audio books
  • Corporate projects
  • Mobile games
  • Inflight
  • In-store and self-service checkouts
  • Podcasts
  • Documentary
  • Phone and tablet apps


If you’re looking for a highly experienced British female voice over artist, then why not listen to my Voice Samples or watch the Video Samples, or to find out more about how I can help you with your project simply call me on 0203 00 66 727 or email posyb@posybrewer.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Voice Over Artist?

A ‘Voice Over’ can be defined as:

“Anytime a voice is heard without seeing a person talking on TV, film, animation, games, and other media and corporate platforms”.

A ‘Voice Over Artist’ or ‘Voice Artist’ provides voices for animated characters (including those in feature films, television series, animated shorts, and video games) and radio and audio dramas and comedy, and does voice-overs in radio and television commercials, promos, audio dramas, dubbed foreign language films, training and presentation guides, websites, iPhone apps, the underground, inStore, the list places that use voice over artists is virtually endless…

A true voice over artist is a trained one, and their voice is their business.

What is a Voice Actor?

Hopefully this is self-explanatory, but a true voice actor is someone who creates characters with their voices. They are different to people who do just impressions.

To really claim you are a voice actor you need to have trained as an actor to get the required skills to really become a character, to bring the words in the script to life, and make the listener visualize that character fully. You can tell when someone is just ‘doing a character voice’, but there is no life in that character.

If you ever want to employ character voices I really suggest going with actors who are experienced in this field, and who have had all the necessary training and experience as both an actor and a voice artist

Finding a professional female voice over artist

Check whether they are an Equity member and part of SaVoa & World Voices.

Professional voice over artists will have a strong background of work in either a specific area or in many different areas. They have done training and specific courses to gain the skills they need. Most professional voice artists are actors or presenters who have had drama training.

Not only am I a female voice over artist, but as a trained actress and have a wealth of experience behind me, and I also have editing skills which a lot of people don’t have.

Here are some basic tips for finding the right female voice over artist for your project:

Get them to do a sample, and ask yourself questions like:

  • What kind of voice would I expect to hear in selling this project?
  • How quickly can they get it done?
  • Are they professional and reliable?
  • Do they have a good studio set up if not recording in a recording studio chosen by you?
  • Check who their previous clients have been – this gives a lot away.

To discuss your female voice over artist requirements, why not call me on 0203 00 66 727 or email posyb@posybrewer.com.