“Simply a pleasure to work with each and every time. Precise, professional, consistently quality.”

Norman M – Centre Radio

A British female voiceover artist who can deliver an “around the clock service”

With my own professional studio I can offer a quick turnaround, and when working to tight deadlines, even same day delivery is possible depending on my availability. Having my own studio also saves you the time and costs of organising another recording venue. However, if you prefer me to come to your studio, I’m based in Guildford in Surrey which is just  45 minutes from central London and has fast transport links to the rest of South-East England, so I’m easily able to get to a studio of your choice if required.

My own professional acoustically treated sound-proof Broadcast Studio for voiceover work has the following:

  • Pro Tools
  • Neumann, AudioTechnica, Aston and Sontronics microphones
  • Pronto 3
  • ISDN, Source Connect Pro, SCNow, SessionLinkPRO, ipDTL & Skype facilities
  • Fast FTP server and Pro file sharing accounts
  • Recording formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF & uLaw

“Professional approach, appropriately acted voiceover, punctual delivery and friendly attitude.”

Alan T – Baron Wittard Computer Game

Female voiceover artist rates

In order to help give you a costing for my services for British female voice over work, when contacting me about your job requirements it’s helpful if you can you tell me the following:

  • The approximate length of the script (or you can simply send me a copy)
  • Whether it is intended for broadcast or non-broadcast purposes
  • The deadline
  • Any accent /dialect or style specifications
  • The format in which you would like the finished product (mp3 / wav / etc.)
  • Your approximate budget

If you require a sample recording of your script, I am happy to do one for you at no extra cost.

As well as being a female voiceover artist I am also a registered British Equity member, and so I follow standard Equity price guidelines – always striving to be fair, reasonable and competitive when quoting.

To find out more, choose from…

A guide to my studio rates & facilities for British female voiceover artist work

As every voiceover project can be different, for an exact rate for your job it’s best to contact me to discuss the details.

Generally there are two types of media content in regards to exposure: broadcast and non-broadcast. Obviously a lot depends on  how many you are broadcasting to, for example if it’s for local usage, reaching only to 5000 people, this is very different from a national campaign to over 1 million people, and this obviously changes the rates dramatically.

Nowadays most spots are given a buyout – a flat rate for unlimited usage (all media channels, territory and period of time) or a flat rate for limited use (territory, period of time, particular media channels).

If it’s a large amount of work then a day rate is then negotiated at a reduced rate.

A quote from the industry about professional voiceover artist charges:

“Charging clients for a broadcast content usage is your legal artist and producer’s right which serious clients are familiar with and treat with respect. It also legitimises you as a voiceover professional and makes you stand out of the crowd.”

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“A friendly and swift service. Great to have someone send samples over so quickly and adapt to a defined style. Useful that Posy has her own studio in which to record and edit.”

Clare M – Baker Tiley Pensions

Some additional information about choosing the right voiceover and charges

Cost is obviously an important factor for most people, but remember that professional voiceover artists charge at reasonable rates for what they do. It is a skill that they have developed over many years which you are paying for. There are a few unscrupulous people who can try and undercut the experienced professionals, but the quality and quantity is never there. You can be rest assured that you truly do get what you pay for and overall get a better service from a true professional voiceover artist. They will always try to work within your budget and accommodate to your needs, so always be upfront and honest about your requirements and budget, and you will get the same back.

A good voice will lift those words off the page and give it the energy it needs to be engaging to the person listening. This is a skill gained from experience and training. Voice over artists have a certain quality to their voice and can adapt it to your specific project. For me, as a professional female voiceover artist, my natural voice is my main request, but I also range from a little girl or boy to a husky female adult. I have certain styles for corporate compared to commercials, and different to documentaries to games, animation and character work. The ability to add softness to the voice or to making it a hard sell.

Go with your gut feeling. If you have to pay that little bit extra – trust me it is worth it!

“But that’s a lot of money” some people say. Well, a professional voiceover artist is running a business like any other, their charges reflect their experience and take into account all the costs that a voiceover artist – general business costs, fast broadband to deliver your project quickly, professional (costly) built studios, microphones, software and other recording equipment, subscriptions, marketing, ISDN facilities, administration and telephone costs, the list goes on. Under-selling shows lack of experience and confidence in what they do and it will show in the finished product, which is something you don’t want.

Remember that within the cost, ‘usage’ is generally included or will be explained. That means you can use that particular recording for the necessary project and it will be heard by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, possibly even worldwide.

“Posy is a joy to work with; fast turnaround very professional approach.”

Nat K – Next Great Place

So how much will it actually cost?

The voiceover artist can answer or help with this question if you are having trouble costing it up. So just ask! I personally will always help and give you an accurate and realistic figure.

If you know you have a fixed budget and don’t know if the voice talent will do it, just ask them, the worst thing is they say “No”! They will tell you they just can’t afford to do it for that and then you know and can go back to your client or try and work out how you can do it within budget.

If you are trying to work out a price for TV commercials then the website that is used across the industry to work out the fees is http://www.usefee.tv/.

For a TV commercial, you will be given the number of TVR’s and therefore consequently can work out the price for that particular ad. This helps to mean that you don’t get over priced or the incorrect fee. The website also explains in detail what TVR’s are exactly (“TeleVision Ratings”). If you have a set budget, let your chosen voice over artist know it and they can work things out correctly.

The more recording time you need the more cost effective it becomes, and I would always work on a discounted fee for larger volumes of work. A professional voiceover artist is ultimately a good investment, and you will be glad you made that decision.

So if you need to know more or want help with your project then call or email me with your questions and I will be more than happy to help!

I’ve had a cheaper quote…

Stop. Firstly it is about getting the right voice for your project. We are all constricted by budgets sometimes, but quality shouldn’t be compromised. Some artists may offer a very low fee just to get the contact and job, but the service certainly isn’t professional and high quality, which in my experience is why it can cost the client a lot more in the long run, when they have to come back and get it done again with a professional who is trusted and reliable. Would you rather have economy for peanuts or quality for a fraction more?

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